It’s been a great first week in the office for me. I can honestly say that I went to bed really nervous on Monday night. Tuesday was my first day working on Center City Church full time, day in and day out. We have been dreaming about this for six years and have so many plans, but for some reason I felt so nervous about the task at hand.

I was staring at the ceiling thinking about all of this when I told Dara, “Honey, I’m really nervous. I’ve never done this before.” She quickly replied, “Be nervous tomorrow. It’s time to sleep.” That didn’t help too much.

When she realized that I was still staring at the ceiling, she changed her tone and moved into more of a brainwashing type strategy. “You’re not nervous, honey, you’re excited!” That worked a little better.

Needless to say, I woke up on Tuesday and went to work. The first couple of days have been filled with logistics of getting everything rolling in the right direction and I must say that I have never felt more alive. I’m excited, just like Dara said.

She’s always right 🙂