Friends & fam –

Quick update from an amazing week … Neighborliness hit number one in three different categories on Amazon this week for new releases and climbed all the way into the top six of all books in two different categories … praise God!

Quick request for your help …

  • Post about the book on your social media. Commenting and sharing things about the book helps keep it in people’s feed, as well.
  • Write a review on Amazon or (or wherever you bought your copy).
  • Tag me and use all the hashtags you can dream up (this actually helps) 

The more traction we get from online interaction, the more my publisher will keep investing into the marketing of the book … so it really helps to have online stuff happening. This is pure hustle mode to see this message go far and wide … and we really appreciate your help.

Lots of love and gratitude!! Here’s a handful of pics to choose from (or you can use your own).


David & Dara