“I don’t want to make you nervous,” Courtney (producer at GMA3) said to me, “but four million people will be watching this interview.” We both laughed. “Honestly,” I replied, “I’m not super nervous, I’m just ready to share this message that burns so deep in my heart to see our culture unified across dividing lines.” I might be nervous tomorrow … but today I’m just grateful and ready.

It’s still so surreal that this is happening. We adapted the content of the interview on this call because of the mass shooting & tragic loss of life in Buffalo. Courtney asked me if it would be ok if they start the interview asking how we can heal as a nation in light of so much division and violence. I told her that my answer would include pointing directly to Jesus. She said that’s just fine.

I’m grateful for so many who have been praying alongside us. God has opened this door and I’m excited to walk through it.


Good Morning America recently added a third segment to their show called GMA3. They told me that my interview will be on during the segment called Faith Friday. The interview will be recorded in-studio with the hosts at 10am and this segment airs at 1pm EST/12pm PST, but timing could be different in your time zone, so check your local listings.

You can also view the re-broadcast of the interview at www.abcnewslive.com.

Thanks for praying alongside us … all glory to God for what he’s done and will do with this opportunity.