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A Celebration of Life (The One Year Anniversary of the Day My Friend Was Stabbed)

August 12, 2017


“Please pray, we are in an ambulance and Dan has been stabbed.” August 12, 2016 was a pretty simple day. I looked at my calendar the night before and realized that I only had one meeting scheduled – lunch with my friend Darren – and the remainder of the day was simply getting final details […]

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Recommended Reading / Generational Poverty, Race, Socioeconomics, Community Development, Ministry in High Poverty Communities.

May 9, 2017


I’ve had several people ask me recently for a recommended reading list from the stuff I’m reading for my doctoral program on generational poverty. This is a wide ranging list of some of the books that have been the most impacting to me so far on this journey. If you have any questions, please feel […]

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The Kingdom of God Has No Church Logo

January 30, 2017


A great ill of the current contextual state of ministry today is what seems to be an insatiable desire for recognition. More and more, churches are drawing from best practices from the business field to implement strategies that will draw the most attention to their specific vision for the expansion of their own kingdom. I’m not […]

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