Dara and I pray over our kids every day. We thank Him for their safety, protection and health. With four energetic kids, we know that we need a little extra help from their angels 🙂

We were putting our kids to bed tonight when we heard a scream from the other side of the house. We found our baby, Ben (2), sitting on our bed, bleeding profusely from his mouth. No one saw what happened, but it looked like he fell from the mattress to the foot board of the bed. His tooth was sunk back into his gums and he was absolutely freaking out.

After a terrifying half hour of uncertainty, the doctor talked us through everything and it turns out there not much we can do other than give him ibuprofen and manage the pain.

These type of parenting moments always remind me of how little I can control everything around me. I am grateful to God for his angels that protect us and keep us safe. I’m grateful for my kids and their health and the fact that this doesn’t happen all the time. And I’m grateful that Ben’s injury wasn’t any worse that it was tonight.

Now it’s time for bed. And we’ll pray the same thing we pray every night. Safety, protection and health. Maybe we’ll pray that one twice.