“Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.”
:: Proverbs 15:22

I have spent the morning sitting under the counsel of men that I respect and admire. We are enjoying an incredible amount of unity and momentum at Center City Church. We are seeing the earliest stages of Biblical community being formed. And it is beautiful.

But there is more. There are deeper levels of friendship, unity, service and love. And we all must do our part to see this community continue to deepen and grow.

I spent the morning talking to friends and mentors that have been down this road before. They have given their life to serving their community. I don’t assume that we can navigate this alone. It must be navigated with a commitment to prayer and to the counsel of men and women that can help us along the way.

I’m so grateful that we’re not in this alone. Quite the contrary, we’re all in this together. For us to experience the type of community that we aspire to see, each one of us has to do our part.

So appreciative of the men and women that have shared their wisdom, born out of experience, with us.