Where is your anchor? This question is one that I hope each person gives great consideration to seeking a solid answer. Far too often this answer is answered in ways that bring false senses of security. False comfort. Fleeting stability.

We think that finances will be the anchor that holds us steady into our future. So our lives are given to working tirelessly to gain another dollar. What happens when the economy crashes?

We think that relationships will be the anchor that brings comfort when everything else crashes. But what happens when one imperfect human disappoints another? What happens in the case of an untimely loss of that person that anchors us?

We think that career will be the anchor to give us stability and give us worth and meaning. But what happens if the job market turns or your dreams are tripped up along the way?

I have found that finances come and go. After all, you can only spend a dollar once. I have found that every relationship I have ever had has disappointed me in one way or another. And I have found that my career, of which I currently find great satisfaction, has also been one of the most challenging and volatile areas of my life.

So I ask myself the same question I pose to you: where is my anchor?

I have found that God has been my provision every moment and every step of my life. I have found that God has been a faithful father, friend and King. He has never disappointed me. I have found that only God has ever been able to give me satisfaction and worth when I realize that I am his prized and loved child. Whether I am successful in the eyes of the world or I am simply a mess to everyone around me, His ear has always been close to my prayers.

My anchor is in Jesus. In every area of my life. In my dreams. In my hopes. In my friendships. In my marriage. In my finances. In my adoration. He anchors my life.

As a ship on the open seas, I have been tossed around by the waves. But when my anchor is found rooted in the immovable, ushakable, unbreakable and powerful presence of God, there is no hurricane of life that can rip me away from his love, care and provision.

Where is your anchor?