I am excited about tomorrow morning at Hope. We are trying something new as Mike and I will be tag-teaming the message. I am going to be talking about unity and Mike will come up to carry on into the unity of communion. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We are getting to the point that we really need to start solidly identifying our team members that will be helping us each week to accomplish all that needs to be done.

I find it so interesting that it is quite impossible to pull this off without the help of so many people. We need help with nursery, children’s ministry, setting up all of our sound/video/lighting, hospitality, greeters, etc. God has truly intended for the body of Christ to function…well…as a body. Without each other we cannot function the way he intended.

The main point I will be driving home tomorrow:

We can accomplish more together than we can on our own.

Looking forward to a great day!