We continued our series, The Gospel of John, this weekend at Center City Church. I am a huge fan of this book. It’s simple enough for someone who is simply exploring matters of faith and deep enough for the most respected theologians.

I taught yesterday on John the Baptist. He gave his life to proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ. And with all of fame, following and notoriety he gained, he continued to proclaim the same thing: Not me. HIM. John was full of humility and confidence. Humble in the fact that he deflected praise toward Jesus. Confidence in the fact that he knew his role and played it well.

Overall, it was a great weekend. I was pretty shocked that we had one of the biggest turnouts that we’ve ever had on Thanksgiving weekend. I figured a lot of people would have been out of town, but I was wrong. God is doing some amazing things in our community. Excited about the days ahead.

I love pastoring this church 🙂