We had an incredible plan all worked out for Sunday. We had plans to hold our first “worship Sunday” at Center City Church. I was going to teach on worship and allow for extended times of worship.

But that all went down the tubes once we felt God’s direction that we were missing the point. We scrapped our plans. We pulled out the guitar and began to pray and worship together as a leadership. We asked that God would give us direction. That prayer was answered.

For this to make the most sense, you’d have to listen to the podcast (should be up by Tuesday or Wednesday on iTunes) of Sunday’s service. But the basic summary is that worship should never be the focus of any of our services. Our focus should always be Jesus. For at the core of our worship is a heart that is full of gratitude for what Christ has done in our lives. Salvation. Freedom. Forgiveness. All of these things have given me a song to sing. But it all starts with Jesus.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the symptoms of our faith. Our songs of worship are so beautifully crafted from men and women oozing with creativity. Our sermons and church services can become so perfectly planned and executed that we lose sight of the One that gave us the creativity to plan such things.

God reminded us this week that our heart of worship only comes from hearts that have been set free by Jesus. And that is the point of our worship.