We tried something new yesterday during our service. We incorporated three distinct elements into our time of worship.

The first area was our joining together in corporate worship. Raising our voices to our Savior. Declaring his greatness.

The second area was communion. We had all who wanted to participate come down the center aisle and they were served the communion elements by our pastors. The body of Christ broken for them (represented by bread). The blood of Christ shed for them (represented by dipping the bread in grape juice). Powerful moment of remembering the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross.

The third area was giving. There is something so powerful about the generosity and obedience of people who listen and respond to the teaching of Christ. God calls us to worship him in our finances by placing our trust in him. The first ten percent of our income goes to God. We trust that he can do more with ninety percent that he blesses than we could do on our own with the full one hundred percent. We had the people go from the communion area and pass by the offering baskets on the corner of the stage.

Singing. Remembering. Giving. Three powerful aspects of worship.

I taught on Matthew 7:24-29. The basic idea was an equation: listen + follow = solid foundation. Click here if you want to download the video podcast of the sermon from iTunes.

Another great week at Center City Church!