Our time of worship and sharing God’s Word on Sunday was deep and meaningful. As crazy as last week was, this week was the exact opposite. There was a wonderful sense of peace and community on Sunday throughout the entire service. Goes to show that God can do anything he wants, no matter our perspective on how things are going.

I spoke on Matthew 14:22-36. It’s the story of one of the earliest disciples of Jesus. A man named Peter that had so much faith in Christ that he was able to walk on water. In the midst of this incredible, miraculous moment, he was distracted by the wind and the waves thrashing around him. He took his eyes off of Jesus, fear came in and he began to sink. Jesus rescued him, but the lesson was clear: fix your eyes on Jesus. Trust him. Don’t get distracted.

I posed the question at the end of the sermon, “What are your wind and waves?”

The response was amazing. People applying this Scripture to their lives in a very personal way. Our time of ministry and worship at the end of the service was unforgettable. God was doing deep work in the hearts of many.

I am so blessed to be a part of this group. There is such hunger to learn and grow. There is a genuine desire to make application from the Word of God to each of our lives. I love that.

Great weekend at Center City Church. All glory to God.