Tomorrow night is our first core team meeting for Center City Church. I am so excited to see how God has brought together such a phenomenal group of people. I was spending some time at my office (Caribou Coffee) today thinking about our group. It struck me that even though tomorrow will be our first meeting together, this church has been functioning for quite a while now.

Center City Church was meeting two months ago when we had a group of eight of us over at my house eating, laughing and enjoying time together. We were meeting as a church when the ladies were sitting around chatting at Amelie’s French Bakery six weeks ago. We were meeting as a church when we prayed together when our friends drove 10 hours to go back to Buffalo to share their faith with their terminally ill grandmother. We were even meeting together when we were drafting our fantasy football teams this past Wednesday night.

The church has never been, and never will be about a specific location or building. We are the church. We are the body of Christ. And we’ve been together for a long, long time. God is bringing together a group of people that will eventually meet on Sunday mornings, have a building and be a constant presence in Uptown Charlotte. But long before this ever happened, God brought us together through relationships, seeking our faith and finding joy in the ups and downs of life together.

I love our church.