I want to share something that I have been feeling lately every time I pray. I am hesitant to completely open the vault sometimes on this blog because I don’t want to share every last thing that God is doing in me, but I really feel like the past couple of days have been an exercise of my faith.

I have honestly been going between having GREAT faith and feeling DOUBT creep in as we continue to try to sell our home. I know that God is doing this, but I also feel the responsibility of making the right decision as we move (rent or sell).

Every single time I pray about this and re-establish the fact that GOD is in control, I feel God saying the same thing over and again:

“Watch what I do.”

So…there it is. I’m so intrigued to see how the miracle comes about. We had our first showing of our home today in 3 months. We’ll see what happens!