John Krall came in town from Orlando to hang with the Docusen fam this weekend. We’ve had so much fun doing a whole lot of nothing. Just hanging out, catching up, watching sports and talking. It’s been so encouraging to have him around. John is a great friend and one of the most naturally gifted leaders and ministers that I know. I love being challenged by him and sharing my thoughts with him. He sharpens me.

We headed out tonight to Uptown Charlotte. I don’t quite know when downtown wasn’t cool enough and the new, hip places changed to uptown. Whatever. I still call it Downtown Charlotte. Anyway, we wandered all around and braved the 35 degree temperature. Hanging out with guys like John is catalytic for me. He inspires me to keep pushing the envelope and to be unafraid to simply go for the things God has put in my heart.

Fun and encouraging couple of days.