Each year Dara and I take a week after Master’s Commission ends to just unwind and catch our breath after a long year of pretty intense ministry. We have really enjoyed the past couple of days as we are doing just that.

On Sunday Dara and I went on a date and saw The Chronicles of Narnia. I loved it. Dara got all worked up because she LOVED the books and there was a love story woven into this script that didn’t exist in the book. I, on the other hand, never read the books so I had no issues. Great movie. I really feel like God was speaking some things to me even as we sat there in the theater. The next morning I took Dara to breakfast and we had a date day. There is no one on the planet I’d rather spend a day with than Dara. We took the kids to Downtown Disney later on that day and they played in the water for a while (they have water that shoots out of a section of the sidewalk). So much fun.

I went golfing today with a good friend (Charlie Dawes) and then went to Catalyst tonight for our final young adult service at Calvary. Tomorrow we have our “clean out the office” day and then it’s really done. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks as our main responsibilities will be raising the funds for our salary and simply taking the time to unwind.