1. Establish boundaries

2. Put your family first

3. Set Life Goals

4. Personal Growth

5. Create Margin

Random Notes from Q&A during this session:

I know my tendency is to hear what God is wanting to say through me and not TO me.

– The speed of the leader is the speed of the team
– If you start slipping, so will the team

– The church is an unparalleled place in culture that is like no other: where else do people gather on a weekly basis to listen to someone talk for 30 minutes? Nowhere.

– Journal the life of your kids. You can be their personal biographer.
– Notice how your kids love you and that will show you how to love them

– Fight fiercely for margins.

– If I say yes to this, I have to say no to something else.
– If I say yes to ministry, am I saying no to my wife/kids?

This session was by far my favorite one. I think that it is so easy in ministry to allow your personal life to slip for “the sake of the minsitry”. This session reminded me that the most important person that I can take care of on the planet is ME. If I am establishing boundaries, prioritizing time with God and creating margins in my life, every other area of my life will be better.