There is something incredibly powerful about joining together in unity. I thought about that last night as I looked out at a crowd of 12,000+ worshiping God. I was holding my little Jack (1.5 years old) and I was just taking it all in as we heard the sounds of worship all around us. I love it when the music stops and the singing continues. What a beautiful sound.

This brings me to a thought that I have been thinking all week long…

I believe in the Assemblies of God. I know that there are things that many wish could be different within the A/G, but I believe in the power of unity. There is something incredible about the ability to mobilize thousands of people together for a common purpose. This has been an incredibly hot topic for the last couple of years, but I’ll go ahead and say it:

I would much rather be a voice of reason and a catalyst of change from the inside than complain about something from the outside. I believe in this movement. I believe in the power of unity.