Tonight was absolutely unforgettable.

We gathered tonight in Uptown Charlotte with our group from Center City Church. It was absolutely amazing. We went to Will Morgan’s house and crammed into the living room. I taught an overview of the life of Christ and continued to speak to the central theme of Center City Church: the Gospel (the teaching and revelation of Christ). I did a 30,000 foot flyover of the promise of Christ in the Old Testament to the realization of Christ in the New Testament, his life, death and resurrection.

We ended our time, like we do every gathering, with a time of prayer. We all come to these meetings with names of people in our community that we have met throughout the week. We write those names on a 5’x3′ banner that we printed that has 1,200 blank spaces on it. Each week we write names on the wall and pray for them as we end our meetings.

We turned on some music and prayed for who-knows-how-long. I cried. A lot. I cried because these aren’t just names, and we’re not just praying for a city. Each name is connected to a story. Each name has value. Many of the names are friends. Many are acquaintances. More than a few make me delicious beverages at coffee shops around Charlotte. I cried because I desperately want each of those names to personally know the freedom that I have come to know through my relationship with Christ. It was so meaningful to me to hear the prayers of those around me.

Unforgettable night. God is doing something in Charlotte. So blessed to be a part of this amazing story.