Center City Church has officially opened to the community.

The realization of that hit me really strong early Sunday morning. I showed up to our beautiful venue with some of my closest friends to pray together before everyone showed up. And that’s when it finally broke for me. After seven years of dreaming about this day. After two years of fighting hard to see this dream come true. It all hit me at once. Today was what it was all for. And tomorrow.

The service was amazing. We had so many people show up that we love from our community. Friends that we’ve connected with over the past 2 years of living in Charlotte. Families that were giving church another chance. Acquaintances that were coming to check out what we have been working on so hard.

I closed my eyes while Clark and Salina Beasley were leading us in worship and a thought occurred to me: this is exactly the way Dara and I imagined it seven years ago. When we first accepted this call to start a church, we told God that we wanted to start a church in a community we love with people we love. Check. We wanted it to be a warm and inviting atmosphere. Check. We wanted people from all backgrounds to feel welcome. Check. We wanted to pursue the truth of God’s Word unashamedly. Check.

It was actually better than the dream because this was our reality. We are not only leading a church that we love, but we are a part of a church we love.

Thanks so much to all that have prayed. Thanks to all that have invested into this financially. We could not do it without the support of so many. And your continued prayers and support are so appreciated as we continue to move forward.

This was an unforgettable Easter. It’s on now. Let’s do this.