I don’t even know how to process today. It’s 1:30am and we are just now heading to bed after an absolutely unforgettable day.

I woke up this morning to a very encouraging email about the potential venue we have been looking at for Center City Church. It looks like God has opened an amazing door right in our neighborhood (about a half mile from our home). More to come on this as it solidifies.

Later in the day, we found out that Max has been accepted into one of the best – and most sought after – public schools in all of Charlotte. There was a waiting list of over 100 families to get into this school this year, yet God opened a door for our little guy to transfer into this amazing school. What is even more incredible about this is the fact that the rest of our kids (Mary – 4, Jack – 2 and Ben – 11 months) will now be automatically accepted into this school once they are entering kindergarten. Simply amazing. He starts tomorrow.

Almost immediately after finding this out, I heard our doorbell ring. We had a 37″ 1080p HDTV waiting outside for us! Some friends of ours from Missouri felt God’s leading to extravagantly bless our family for Christmas. IT WORKED!

Funny side note to this story: We had DirecTV for the past year. When we moved to Uptown, we tried to transfer service to our new home. No dice. The satellite service was not available here. We were disappointed, but decided to call the cable company. They told us that they were running a special for our neighborhood that was almost 50% of the normal rate. It also included, they told us, DVR and HD channels. I told the representative that we didn’t need HD channels. It would be a waste, considering we have had the same 19″ analog TV for years. She told me to “just go ahead, it’s not costing you anything extra and you’ll have it if you get an HDTV.”

Getting an HDTV definitely fell into the “want” category (probably years down the road for us). So the cable guy came out this morning and set up our cable service at 9:30am, complete with the overkill of a brand new HD receiver for our tiny little television. By 3pm I had a brand new HDTV in my living room.

I am just blown away by today. I don’t even know how to process the goodness that I have felt today. Open doors for our new venue for Center City Church. Max getting into an amazing school. Being blessed by friends that went over the top for us.

All I can say to sum up today is this:

Thank you, Jesus. You deserve all the glory and all the praise in our lives. You do all things well, and you’ve done so well in our lives. We love you, praise you and direct all adoration to you. You care about the big things and the little things of our lives. You provide for our greatest needs (and even some of our wants). You are completely faithful. Thank you, Jesus, for this unforgettable day.

Going to bed. Dara and I will never forget today.