We just received word from the doctor that our friend and brother, Hunter Prevatt (23 years old), has been diagnosed with a form of cancer called Hodgkin’s Disease (lymphoma). While this type of news is hard to hear, we are encouraged by the fact that this has been discovered relatively early. Doctors are extremely optimistic in the treatment and recovery. Our full expectation is for Hunter to fully recover – whether that is from the miraculous touch of God’s hand or from the treatment being prescribed.

We have not known what we were fighting the past couple of days. So we decided to continue to do the things that we could control. Pray. Believe. Live a life of faith and trust. But now we know the name of what we are up against: Hodgkin’s Disease. And now we can call it out by name as we continue to do what we can control.

We can’t control this process. We can’t control how his body will react to treatment. We can’t control the possibility that God could stretch out his hand and heal Hunter miraculously. But we can control our perspective and our level of faith and trust.

Please hear me on this: we will not cower in fear. We will rise up as a family and fight this together. And we will continue to focus on what we can control, not on what is out of our hands.

Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support. This is a very difficult reality to swallow for all of us that love and care for Hunter. But we will rise. we will stand tall. We will share in the joys along with the sorrows of life. And we will see God bring joy and clarity to the most difficult of circumstances.

Uncertainty now has a name: Hodgkin’s Disease. And we all have the opportunity to call this out by name and believe for God’s miraculous power to be active in this situation.

We’re in this together. Let’s rise up and stand tall.

**Psalm 27:14 – Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.