I took a walk with Ben Smith around the campus of University of North Carolina Charlotte today. I like to think of this as a reconnaissance walk.

I really do believe that the students at UNCC would enjoy our service on Sundays at Hope. They just need to know we are here. My plan was to go to campus today, walk around, pray and simply get a spiritual temperature check on campus. I am a big believer in putting your feet on the ground and letting God speak in the actual setting that you want to see something happen.

I came upon a street preacher that had drawn a crowd. On the edge of the crowd I met a young man and had a great conversation. He was looking for a good church to get plugged in to here in Charlotte. I told him about Hope. My prayer is that he finds that church – whether or not he ends up at Hope.

God loves these students. I’m not sure how I fit into the grand scheme of things, but I’m willing to do whatever God asks to spread Hope to this community. Praying for open doors, favor and wisdom as we extend our hand and offer Hope to this campus.