Dara and I felt God’s call to North Carolina over two years ago. We visited this area with every intent of planting a church. That was our plan. And I’m so glad God’s purposes were accomplished instead.

We met Pastor Mike Field through a mutual friend. We found out that he was planting Hope Church in North Charlotte. The more we talked with Pastor Mike, the more Dara and I were convinced that we were supposed to place our dream on hold of leading a church plant. God was calling us to support Pastor Mike and his dream to plant Hope Church.

I am so grateful for the time that we spent at Hope Church. It gave us a greater understanding of the commitment necessary to start a healthy church. We were able to learn so many lessons from so many great men and women that we met through our ministry at Hope. This experienced seasoned us. Humbled us. Taught us how to depend on God and not our own learned devices. Dara and I grew in our marriage and as parents. We learned vital lessons as pastors and church planters. Turns out, some lessons can only be learned through patience and waiting on God’s timing.

In my mind, I thought we were supposed to lead a church plant two years ago. But God knew that it wasn’t our time. We needed more seasoning. More experience. More painful lessons. More faith-building victories.

What dream do you have in your heart? What great thing has God created you to lead, create, join or explore? Pursue your dreams with all of your heart, but leave the timetable to God.

**Proverbs 16:9 – In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Let God determine your steps. We thought our timetable was two years earlier. Turns out, two years later was just in time.