You may have found this blog because you know me, have heard of Center City Church or just randomly found this site through the power of Google. I wanted to write a note to those that I have yet to meet. Maybe you have visited our website or heard of us through a friend. Maybe you are exploring your faith. Searching for truth. Considering a relationship with Jesus.

I wanted to write this note to each of you that have considered responding to that thought inside your head, “maybe I should check out Center City Church.” I would love the opportunity to meet you. So would the incredible group of friends that I’ve made along the way.

We started Center City Church 7 months ago. We place the highest value on Jesus Christ and the freedom that is found in relationship with Him. We love each other and keep things very simple for now. We gather on Sundays for worship and teaching. We have small groups that meet across town. And we host two community dinners a month (think pot-luck dinners).

We believe that the foundation is the most important part of the building, so we have chosen to simply focus on people. Love passionately. Make commitments to get to know each other, walk through the ups and downs of life and value the relationships that are forming.

We are a growing group, albeit very slow and intentional. We believe that growth is found in the hearts and lives of the people. Not the numbers that we record each week. And we believe that the future of our church will stand upon the decisions we make today. There is incredible vision for the future. Huge dreams of what we will do and accomplish in our city. But the highest value will be on Jesus and the people that join us in their search for truth.

I pray for you all the time. I may not know you, but know that I love you, believe in you and pray God’s best for you and your family. See you soon (I hope).