I just got back from Max and Mary’s baseball practice this afternoon. So much fun helping out with the team and teaching the kids the fundamentals of this game I love so much. It’s great that they can be on the same team this year. We celebrated a great practice by getting popcorn and slurpees on the way home.

This reminds me of a podcast I heard of Joel Hunter (lead pastor at Northland Church). He talked about the priority he put on attending his kids games and practices. He said something that really struck a chord with me. “Life happens to and from the games.” He talked about the conversations he’d have with his kids in the car. He talked about sharing special moments with them as he took interest in their interests.

I am only two practices into their first baseball season, but I can already see the value that Dara and I will place on these special moments. Celebrating with popcorn and slurpees might just become a normal event.

Nothing on this side of heaven is more important than my family. I love sharing these moments with them. These are memories we will never be able to replicate as they continue to grow. I intend on having as many memories as possible.