I never cease to be amazed at God’s provision. We have walked for 2+ years on a journey of God providing for us through the generosity of 100+ different families, individuals, organizations and churches contributing to the dream of Center City Church coming to Uptown Charlotte. What a ride.

Lately, I’ve seen this in a whole new way. There are men and women that have joined Dara and I in this journey that have taken incredible steps of faith. Some are raising their salary to work with us full time. Another is working multiple jobs across town (and state lines) to make ends meet. Even more have taken jobs in the community as a form of God’s provision to do all they can to serve this community through Center City Church.

It’s so much fun for me to see the way God is providing for them. Just today, I got a call from one of these families that is risking so much to be here. God provided them with several thousand dollars of unexpected income from unlikely sources today. Amazing.

God is always faithful. ALWAYS. We can trust that he loves us for who we are, not for what we do. And he knows every last need of our lives.

This is so much fun. And God is so very good.