I have what looks like is going to be a scar under my right eye. It happened a few days after my mom was in a horrific car accident (January 2019) that almost took her life. I spent every day in the hospital with her as she was dealing with seven broken bones, three surgeries, and bleeding on the brain.

I went home one night to go check in on the fam and help with a few things around the house. Alight in the living room needed to be changed, so I went to grab the ladder out of our utility closet in the garage. When I grabbed the ladder, the weed whacker fell off the brace that holds it up against the wall and onto my face. Not cool. I bled, and I was frustrated.

It’s turned out to be a permanent mark that reminds me of God’s faithfulness because during this entire season, my mom (Becky Docusen) has been praising God from her bed, unable to walk or do many basic things that we take for granted. She has one working limb right now, and she’s using it to raise in worship to God. Mom said, “hopefully that heals one day.” I said, “It’s just a face, and it reminds me every day of God’s faithfulness to us in this season, and of your (mom) faithfulness to God.”