I have found that getting into the flow of a consistent routine in my time with God is what brings life, energy, love, creativity, peace and so much more in my life. For the past couple of years, I have been pretty adamant about fighting for a specific routine in my personal time with God. I would read from the beginning of one book of the Bible, take my time (sometimes up to a couple of months in one book of the Bible) and journal.

Recently, I have found a new rhythm of routine in my devotions. It has been a great change of pace in my personal time with God. I found a devotional book that Dara has had for years. It is a Greek word study devotional that takes key words out of one or two scriptures at a time and breaks down what the Greek interpretation is for these words.

This has been much more of a reading and reflection time each day. I will return, eventually, to my normal rhythm, but this has been a great departure. I’m finding that my intrigue is higher than it’s ever been each day to learn and grow.

Find a routine. Stay faithful to that routine, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day and one scripture read. Once you been in the same routine for a significant amount of time, look back over your spiritual, physical and mental health and see that time spent with God brings life to every area of our world when we consistently spend time with him.

If you haven’t found the rhythm of routine, start today. Then continue tomorrow.