Making the right decision is paramount when it comes to leadership. Whether you are leading a business, church, home or relationship, proper decision making has a ripple effect that touches more people than we can imagine.

Sometimes the right decision is much harder than other options. It takes more time. More effort. More patience. And it’s absolutely worth it.

I feel this on a constant basis as we continue to navigate the early days of Center City Church. There are so many things that we can do to spark things. To push when we are supposed to wait. To move forward prematurely. That is when restraint as a leader is incredibly important.

I’ll be honest, it’s very difficult. And I’m not in any way perfect in this leadership principle of restraint. But I am very proud of our leadership team. They continually remind me that the foundation is the most important part of any building.

A note to our church: As your leadership team, we commit that we will do all we can to lead well. We will strive to always make the right decisions, even if those decisions are harder than other options.

Laboring in the foundations will produce something strong, beautiful and lasting. The right decision is the best decision. Even when it’s much harder.