Ok…this is starting to sink in now.

It started the other day when we said goodbye to Andrew and Alicia. They have been such a big part of our lives. This is one of two couples that we ask to keep our kids when we’re not in town. I looked at them and realized that we were saying goodbye to people that we love dearly. Such a strange sensation.

It happened again when the Alcaidinho’s came by the house to see us one last time. Their family is the other family that we leave our kids with. They have 5 kids in their family and our babies absolutely love them. So do we. When Melissa hugged me it sank in even more – this is really happening.

I love being a part of a community of friends that have become like family. I realized that I have said goodbye to a lot of people as they left Orlando, but I have never been on the other side of the equation. I know this is all part of our story. I knew this was coming. It just feels somewhat weird now that it’s actually happening.

I’m so grateful to have people in our lives that are difficult to leave. It means that we have shared life together. We will still share life with many people from Orlando, it just takes on a new expression.