Dara and I have just sent out our first 20 fundraising magazines.

This is such a major step for us. We’ve never had a dream this big that requires so many people to jump on board. I love the fact that this is so much bigger than me. I know that only God can place generosity in the hearts of people to give sacrificially. It is so humbling to ask people for money, but so exciting at the same time. I’m excited to give people an opportunity to be a part of this miracle. I love the way one friend put it:

“David, I’d love to be a shareholder in your dream.”

The reward of being a shareholder won’t be a monetary return on investment. It is so much greater than another dollar in the bank. It’s lives that have been searching finding the love and reality of Christ. Each dollar that is invested into Dara and I raising our salary for the coming year is a dollar invested into eternity. If you just read into this a little bit, I think you might be able to see the passion of why we are doing this. There are people all over Charlotte waiting to receive the love and acceptance of Christ. We have to be there to deliver the message God placed in our hearts. We have to raise support to get there. We had to send the first 20 fundraising packets to raise support.

The first 20 are out of our hands now. Lord, thank you for your provision.