I have been so blown away by the staff over at The Branch Family Church since my arrival in Charlotte. My first encounter with them was when they offered to let us use their school building to do our initial gatherings for Hope Church before we moved into the theater.

My second encounter was when I visited their church a couple of months ago and Pastor Derek pointed me out during service and said, “We’ve got a very special guest today, David and Dara Docusen from Hope Church. They are a part of a great team of pastors and I’d recommend them highly to anyone looking for a great new church.” Did I mention this was in the middle of his sermon at his own church? Amazing.

My third encounter was yesterday. I am going to be out of town (performing Jerred Peacock and Randi Sturts’ wedding) this weekend in Orlando. We couldn’t find anyone to lead worship, so we called our friends at The Branch. They are sending their worship leader to Hope on Sunday so that we don’t miss a beat with me being gone.

We all love to talk about unity in the church. The Branch has shown us what it truly means to have a kingdom mindset. If you’re in the area, check them out 🙂