I have been so blown away by the unity that I have felt from other pastors and ministry leaders in Charlotte. And it started almost immediately when Dara and I got to town two years ago.

Dara and I joined a team of pastors to launch Hope Church in North Charlotte in 2008. We were warmly greeted when we got to Charlotte by another pastor named Derek Turner (from The Branch Family Church). The Branch opened up their arms to us – and their facility. They let us use their multi-purpose room for FREE to have our very first gatherings of our core team that started Hope Church. Amazing.

One of the most lasting impressions that I’ve had in this journey was when Dara and I visited The Branch on a Sunday morning last year. Pastor Derek – from stage – welcomed us to their church and told their congregation how great he thought we were. He went on to say that if anyone was visiting The Branch in search of a church, ours would be a great place to look, as well.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Pastor Derek and his team do not just talk about unity, they strive for it.

I still have twenty five folding chairs in my garage that are their chairs that they gave us to help with the start of Center City Church. He heard we were meeting in our living room in the early days and offered to practically help by letting us use their chairs.

Pastor Derek is on a growing list of pastors and leaders that have become like-minded, kingdom-minded friends. I’m so blessed to be in the same town as these guys. And I can’t wait to pass on the same blessings to the next churches to come to our area.

We’re all in this together.