We are getting are creative synapses firing today as we have our second creative meeting with a group of…well…creatives at our church. We are trying to find ways to represent the teaching of God’s word that allow us to also express our right brain creativity. I have long held a thought that I never wanted us to be known a “creative church.” I want to be known as a Christ-centered church in all that we do. It’s a matter of motive and perspective. We don’t immediately use people at Center City just because they are talented. We want them to know they are loved and embraced for who they are, not what they do.

As the author of all creativity, our art should match our maker. When rooted deeply in him, beautiful art naturally comes flowing out of those who are gifted in music, painting, videography, photography, etc. I’m excited to hear the songs, view the images and feel the emotion of what rises out of those who have been changed by the love and freedom found in Christ!