I was reading Luke 8 today in our Life Journal Reading Plan at Center City Church and I found myself full of gratitude for all those that support the ministry of our church through their generosity in tithes and offerings. This is the model that God has set up for us to continue to do ministry.

Check this out…I had never noticed this verse before. Even Jesus was supported by the generosity of others, as shown in Luke 8:1-3…it tells the story of the many that were traveling with Jesus and this is said:

“…and many others who were contributing to their own resources to support Jesus and his disciples.” 

How cool is that? By their generosity, it allowed Jesus to continue to do the work he was called to do – shepherding people.

My prayer is that there will be an increased spirit of generosity in the hearts of our people in 2013. The more people that we have supporting the vision of this church, the better we are able to carry out the vision of this church. Increased generosity will lead to staffing our church properly (I’m currently the only full-time, paid employee) and resourcing others to do the work of God in our community. Also, the more money that we receive, the more money we give. 15% of all of our income goes to missions locally and abroad. So exciting!

Thanks to all that give to Center City. We couldn’t do this without you. Want to practically respond and make a financial investment into our call to bring the Gospel to our city? Click here.