I am helping three of the closest people in my world move today. Best part? They are moving just down the street from us in Uptown Charlotte. Jerred and Randi Peacock just moved here from Orlando to be a part of Center City. My little brother, Brandon, is renting the basement of their three story town home and we’ll all be within walking distance to each other!

When we first came to Charlotte, our prayer was that Dara and I would be able to surround ourselves with friends and family that we love and trust. This is happening right before our eyes.

John and Ginny Gum live a couple of blocks away from us. Coming soon, Clark and Salina Beasley will be here from Atlanta, GA. They are looking for places right in our neighborhood, as well. We have four guys that live in one house together five minutes down the road. And another three girls in our group that live a couple blocks the other direction. And yet another couple that lives within 10 minutes of our new home. Amazing.

There’s more, but the point is clear. I am so grateful that God didn’t call us to do this alone. He’s put amazing people around us that have committed to do life together in close proximity. So grateful for friends.