I am reading the story of the life and leadership of Joshua (found, coincidentally, in the book of Joshua in the Bible). His story is so compelling. He was the right hand man to one of the greatest historical figures in the Bible, Moses (of 10 commandment fame). God used Moses in an incredible way to deliver the people of Israel out of captivity in Egypt all the way to the brink of claiming their own land. Moses died before seeing this become a reality and Joshua was left to lead the people of Israel into this promised land.

I love how God speaks to Joshua as he calls him from a position of being a right hand man to a position of leadership. He tells him three times in Joshua 1 to be “strong and courageous.”

I was pondering this thought today and realized something so amazing. Joshua could be strong and courageous in the face of a very difficult task because he had all strength and courage living inside of him through God.

I can wilt under pressure. I can melt in the face of challenges. I can quiver at the sight of insurmountable odds. But because of a decision I made as a five year old at a little church in Canton, Michigan, I have all strength living inside of me. When I committed my heart to Christ as a child, I received all strength and courage.

Be encouraged today. Through Christ, we have all strength and courage to stand in the face of pressure, chllenges and insurmountable odds. If you have never given you heart to Christ, email me and we can chat about this life giving, forgiving, strength giving and courage giving relationship that I found as a five year old.

If you have accepted Christ as Savior, remember that you can be strong and courageous today because you have all strength and courage living in you through Christ.