I am so grateful for close friends.

I had a conversation today that was a timely reminder of why we are doing what we are doing at Center City. It basically went something like this: “Let’s not forget about one of our foundational callings at Center City. We must serve our community.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in doing church instead of being the church. We did really well at serving our community in the pre-opening days of Center City, then got caught up in actually opening the church to the community. Distractions are still distractions, even when they are for good purposes.

We re-focused our attention today and are going back to the foundational call that we have to serve. We only took one unintentional step away from serving in our community, and it only took one conversation with a great friend to re-focus our attention on what’s really imporant.

Accountability helps keep us focused. So grateful for friends! Keep your radar tuned for upcoming opportunities to serve!