I have found recently a hunger for understanding the Bible like I have never known before. I figured I would shoot a blog post out there to give a glimpse on how I do my devotions. This can be one of the most frustrating parts of our relationship with God – most of us don’t know how to spend time with Him on our own. What I’m about to share is constantly evolving and I have not cornered the market on time spent with God.

– I pick a book of the Bible that I want to study. This is literally as simple as staring at the table of contents and praying, “what should I read next?”

– Once I have picked a book to study, I start at chapter one and read in order. I read very slowly and keep a pen handy. You will notice that most Bibles split each chapter into sub-categories. I read from one sub-category to the next and underline things that really stick out to me.

– Once I have read the section and underlined, I always try to journal my thoughts. This is where you and I could differ. I process things through writing. I re-read the section and then type it into my journal. Once I have re-written it into my journal, I begin to respond to the Scriptures through writing. This has a way of helping me to break down my thoughts and really chew on the Scriptures. Many times, my writings will even turn into prayers that I write down.

To take this a step further, I have gotten to the point that I don’t even feel like I have done my devotions properly unless I have written down my thoughts. It’s a way that I feel like I have prioritized my time with God and given proper attention to his Word.

Someone once told me something that changed me forever. I was a college student. He said, “Even if you read one verse and just think about it for the rest of the day, you’re off to a better start than most. God would love to spend even just 10 minutes a day with you. Start there and then grow.”

Start there. Then grow.