We just spent the morning at the theater. We loaded all of our sound, lighting, video and miscellaneous gear in today. We are so blessed by the fact that the theater has allowed us to store ALL of our stuff right there on property. This means that we will not have to use the trailer every week to load in and out. This is huge.

One of the realities of church planting is that we will be carried on the backs of amazing people who will give of their time and energy to pull this off. The more that we can do to cut down on our set up and tear down time, the less we have to ask of our people and the more we can focus on just enjoying our day hanging out with the people and enjoying the gathering each week.

For anyone that’s interested in this stuff, we are going completely digital with our sound board. This cuts down on the size of the sound board by about 75% and also allows us to wire everything to the point that we should have the sound, lighting and video systems set up in less than 30 minutes. 🙂

In the infamous words of Kip (from Napoleon Dynamite)…”I love technology…”