The sounds of ambulance sirens in the night are reminders of a beautiful new reality: we live in the city.

The life and energy that are in Uptown Charlotte are absolutely incredible. Our neighborhood (referred to as the Elizabeth community) is a beautiful section of Uptown with fully mature trees lining the streets, bungalow style homes, neighborhood cafes, unique stores and an immaculate city park (Independence Park) all within walking distance of our new home.

I feel so comfortable here. I feel at peace. I feel alive. It’s been an amazing first couple of days living in the neighborhood that we have prayed over, walked through and driven around for the past several months.

With every siren I hear, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness. With every siren, it’s a song of God’s provision. With every siren, it’s a call to serve this town with every ounce of passion, energy, compassion, creativity and love that I have inside of me.

I love the sound of the sirens.