Imagine you are the silver. God is the silversmith. And he has great intentions to form you into something beautiful. In this framework, read Proverbs 25:4:

“Remove the impurities from silver, and the sterling will be ready for the silversmith.”

God has an incredible plan for your life and mine. He wants to do something with our lives that we simply cannot accomplish on our own. He sees potential. He sees beauty. But there absolutely must be a time of purification before he can use us. Unpurified silver becomes weak and cannot stand the test of time and elements. It must be purified to be strengthened.

God wants us to be pure. And he alone can purify our hearts. It’s time to let go of hurts, pain and offenses. He wants us to be free of addiction, bondage and anger. And when we give these things up to him, we become stronger. As the silver of our lives is purified, the silversmith is able to form us and shape us into the full vision of what he sees for our lives.

Let go today. Cast your cares, hurts, burdens, doubts, inconsistencies, problems, pain, addictions, sickness, frustration and all chains that hold you down on the Lord. He alone can rescue us from the impurities of our heart. I love you, believe in you and long to see the full vision of the what the Silversmith has in store for your life.

So the question for today is this: What is one area that you can give to God today to purify your heart?