I had the incredible opportunity yesterday to share the vision of Center City Church at Concord First Assembly. Thousands of people across four services and three campuses heard our story. The response was incredible. People we’ve never met committing to pray for us. People coming to us afterward offering their help and services in the community as we move forward. I even had a seventy-five year old man named Huey offer to paint our future church building for free if we supply the paint.

I believe yesterday was a perfect example of the body of Christ functioning the way it should. It was a beautiful gesture of unity and Kingdom perspective.

I thank God for the fact that we’re not in this alone. God has called us to do our part. And we are simply one piece of the puzzle that makes up HIS dream for this area. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share our vision from another pastor’s pulpit. In the future, I intend to do the same for whoever God brings along next.

Praise God.