Mark started off this session talking about the fact that there is a cognitive shift from right brain to left brain in leadership. Over time, you begin to move from creativity to memory. The challenge in this last session was to continue to lead out of creativity, not memory. How challenging! Here are his five tips on how to stay doing ministry out of creativity:

1. Cross pollinate.
– It is absolutely critical that you read like crazy, nurture the curiosity within you.

2. Do reconnaissance
– I never want to be a closed system
– Go to other churches or companies and study what they are doing.
– Conferences. Other churches. Podcasts from other preachers.

3. Exegete culture.
– You are not just conusming culture…you are conversing about it and bridging the gap and communicate creatively.

4. Make mistakes
– If you are going to be creative you are going to have to make mistakes

5. Notice Details
– Everything says something about everything
– 1% of what you do makes 99% of the difference
– Creativity includes exceeding expectations.