This session was led by Jud Wilhite

– Even in a church plant you will have to re-invent yourself
– 70% of successful transitions happen from hiring within
– An inevitable occurrence is that staff will leave during transition


1. Lead yourself. No one else will.

2. Lead with a team.
– Staff and volunteer dynamics…nothing happens in isolation.
– Get honest with yourself about strengths and weaknesses and be humble enough
– Talk openly with your team about strengths and weaknesses
– The Sr. Pastors job is not to do it all…it’s to get it all done.

3. Structure for growth more than control.
– You cannot structure for both
– Control it so much you squeeze it out

4. Structure for effectiveness more than excellence
– You can push the bar so high for excellence that it will paralyze you
– 70-80% excellence is absolutely effective

5. Don’t overestimate the event, don’t underestimate the process

6. Recognize the blessing of financial constraint
– Constraint is a blessing
– God is teaching us something in it and until we learn it, we will be in it
– Volunteers get involved to a huge level when times are tight
– Staff do “asks” that would not have normally done when things are paid for

7. Remember that the summit is a state of mind.
– In leadership there is no there there.
– It’s about the journey, not the destination.
– Fall in love with the climb…the majority of your time is spent there.