“There was something so powerful about being prayed for by a man with a long, gray beard.” 

That was the response of one of the thirtysomethings in our church this past week. He was walking through a very difficult week and had sought out the counsel of a man that was probably thirty years older than him.

“His language was different than mine and we don’t completely relate on every level, but he had wisdom.” 
These are powerful statements. These are powerful moments. And I’m praying that this becomes a common occurrence in our church family. We are young. We are vibrant. Every one of us thinks we are going to change the world. Center City Church is full of young adults. Of the 120+ people that come to our church on a regular basis, 90% are in their 20’s & 30’s. 

This is amazing that we are able to reach this demographic. But we are searching for spiritual mothers and fathers. Are you out there? We are calling out and praying for those that have been around the block more times than us. We are asking for wisdom from those that have seen more than we’ve seen. We may not agree on everything, but we are hungry to learn. Are you out there?

I believe that God is calling out to spiritual mothers and fathers to become a part of our church family. To dive in deep and experience the joy of investing into the next generation of business leaders, pastors, missionaries, moms, dads and influencers. What have you learned? We need to humble ourselves and learn from your experiences.

I know you’re out there. And we are inviting you into our world. We’re looking for spiritual mothers and fathers. Will you join us?