Dara’s dad came back from the beach this weekend with a special gift for the kids. He went down to the beach and picked them up a handful of beautiful sea shells. There’s nothing like seeing our kids get excited! They were so happy to receive this thoughtful gift.

That got me thinking. We used to get sea shells. When I went off to college, my mom used to call me everyday just to see what was going on in my world. She wanted every detail. Now I am in North Carolina and she is in Florida. Oh, she still calls every day, but mostly to say “can I talk to the kids”?

It’s amazing what happens when a human being becomes a grandparent. I’m sure I’ll understand one day. It’s like the children become the main character in an amazing disappearing act. We used to be the ones to get sea shells and phone calls. Now we just sit and watch as our little ones take center stage in all of our lives.

Dara and I really like sea shells and phone calls, too…