Dara and I have spent the weekend cleaning out our home office and re-organizing our life. It’s all part of an overall plan to bring all things in our life (that we can control) into order so that we can keep everything running smoothly.

While we were cleaning everything out, we went through a bunch of pictures from the last 30+ years. Talk about a trip down memory lane. And it’s also a reminder to me to never forget the formative years of my life. Growing up in Michigan. Accepting Christ as Savior as a child. Embracing God’s call to ministry during my teenage years. Growing up when I went away to college. Getting married. Becoming a father. All of these things have formed who I am today. And remembering brings back some amazing memories and gives perspective to how far we’ve come.

Remember where you came from. It helps you appreciate where you are today.

Dad, Leah (older sister) and I (1984)

School Pic – 1984 (5 years old)

Mom and I – 1981 (2 years old)