Dara and I came across an article yesterday that gives us a frame of reference for the miracle that God is doing in our lives right now. Yahoo has listed Orlando as the 2nd worst housing market in the country right now. That’s not the best news when we have our condo listed and need to sell it in order to get another home in Charlotte. Did I mention that we are schedule to move in 7 weeks?

Here is the lesson I am learning: TRUST.

I trust God fully. I know he has called us to move to Charlotte. I have never been more confident in any decision I have ever made. I am writing this down publicly so that I can give God praise publicly when it happens. God is going to do a miracle. We are doing everything we know to do to sell this place. All we can do is let go and believe that God is going to bring the buyer in his timing.

I can’t wait to praise him publicly about this one…no matter what Yahoo says 🙂